Emma Wennington

Ma, Bsc (Hons) DipION, mBANT, mHNHC

About Me.

I’m a working mum of two experiencing the same everyday challenges of life as most people. In 2011, I decided to embark on a career change after years in the corporate world. During those years I’ve seen first-hand the affect a busy professional life can have on women and how that can affect their performance and their overall health and wellbeing. In fact, I experienced that myself, too tired to plan, too busy to eat properly and too many priorities to spend time on me.

I retrained at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London which enabled me to become registered with The British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine  and The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council practitioner registers.

I work from my private clinic in Leicester and hold remote sessions UK wide.

Who have I helped?

I have my own private practice and have co-written and delivered workshops for the charity Together Against Cancer. Through science backed recommendations, I have helped clients with depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, autoimmune conditions, high blood pressure, postnasal drip, bloating, weight loss, generally optimising diet, hormone imbalances, migraines, insomnia and many others.  I have a special interest in autoimmunity, hormone imbalance and the gut related conditions.

What is My aim?

To help you to feel fantastic, regain your vitality and movement through food and simple changes to your life.  I am passionate that much of the illness seen in world today is the result of the life we lead. I want to give you the knowledge, so you understand how this occurs and guide you to better choices and your optimum life. Optimum well being is a complex jigsaw puzzle of many pieces, nutrition plays a pivotal role in our health, but there are so many other pieces of the puzzle that are required. My aim is to put these pieces together and give you a personalised solution through simple, stress free sustainable step to give you the vitality you deserve.

Emma Wennington Nutrition - Nutrition & Wellbeing for Professional Women
Emma Wennington Nutrition - Nutrition & Wellbeing for Professional Women

Emma Wennington

Ma, Bsc (Hons) DipION, mBANT, mHNHC

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Emma Wennington Nutrition, 23 Navigation Drive, Glen Parva, Leicester, LE2 9TB

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