Lots of ‘nutrition’ people will come up with all sorts of fancy ways of eating, suggesting ingredients you’ve never heard of and no clue how to use it. In general, it’s really not necessary. If you are well and are interested in staying well all you need to do is eat a healthy WELL BALANCED diet.

We all think we know what that looks like, but do we really?.

We need to cover all the foods group in each meal – yes each meal, that includes breakfast.

Carbohydrates  – the body’s preferred source of  fuel

Protein – the building blocks of every cell and every reaction that takes place in your body. Growth, repair and communication.

Fats – so many uses. Here’s just a few, cell membranes, good ones are anti inflammatory, insolation, our brain has a high concentration of them and many many more

Water – we all know the benefits of hydration.

I have written previously about what a diverse diet looks like and the importance of a rainbow diet.  Our plates ideally should be half full of leafy vegetables, a quarter full of protein and quarter full of starchy vegetables and grains. See here for a visual image of what our plates should like. https://bant.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WELLNESS-SOLUTION-IMAGE.jpg  This is a very simplified version, but for  most of us and is a really good starting point.

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