Falling off the lifestyle wagon. 10 Tips for regaining control.

We all go through difficult and challenging times, and it is in these times when we really benefit from a good healthy all-round lifestyle. However, it is at these very times when we are much more likely to ‘fall off the wagon’. This is perfectly natural and completely understandable, your mind is elsewhere, you feel the need to ‘treat’ yourself, your day may get turned upside down so routine goes out the window and one ‘off’ day leads to another and before you know where you are you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. So, this blog is aimed at those who just need a little bit of refocus and not those who need more personalised and targeted plans.

Regaining control from a short term blip is more about mindset and awareness than clever tricks,  so here’s 10 ways to begin to regain control.

  1. Congratulate yourself on noticing
  2. Accept you are not perfect, and everyone struggles sometimes
  3. Connect with WHY you want to regain control and believe you can chose that path
  4. If you’ve lost your normal daily routine, reintroduce it and feel the benefit
  5. Set yourself one or two lifestyle targets – no more or else you will fail                                                                success
  6. Identify your weaknesses and times of weakness and plan how to combat them
  7. Acknowledge emotions come and go. Tomorrow will be a better day
  8. Accept that habits need time to form, but you’ve done it once it will be easier this time.
  9. Accepting that the smallest step is better than no step at all
  10. Plan your shopping trip– it you don’t buy poor choices its much harder to make a special trip to then buy your guilty pleasures

*Bonus tip – once you’re feeling more energised and more motivated cease the feeling and plan for optimum health. Research yourself or for ease contact an expert in this area *

Remember, even our top entrepreneurs failed many times before they reached their ultimate success. The real success in falling of the lifestyle wagon is noticing and then refocusing to bring back the balance and harmony you once had. You’ve achieved this once you can do this again.

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