Sexy Detox Juice Plans

Whilst  I was clearing out my emails, it struck me how many I had from businesses advertising a detox diet.

Ok, I’m going to try not to rant. Here are the facts;

  1. Our body’s are beautifully designed to detox themselves, but sometimes the toxic load is so great that we begin to experience a variety of symptoms. In these cases, the body is (mostly) temporarily unable to effectively detox itself and will require some help.
  2. Adding in toxins from a variety of sources, processed foods, ‘bad’ fats, plastic exposure, chemical exposure, stimulants, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, exposed to heavy metals (aluminium, mercury from fish, teeth fillings, mould and so many more) will not help and needs to be reduced
  3. Increasing  your anti-oxidant intake will help,
  4. Ensure a good intake of a variety of QUALITY protein sources but not to excess.         
  5. Ensure a diverse intake of phytonutrients – aim for different colours on your plate.
  6. Increase movement
  7. Increase fibre
  8. Reduce sodium (salt)
  9. Get hot and sweaty – saunas, skin brushing
  10. Possibly check DNA make up

In short, if you see a detox plan that is based ONLY on fruit and vegetable juicing it can not work. The body requires a whole combination of approaches to maximise detoxification. Reducing toxic load, protein and daily bowel movements are essential for effective detoxification.  It is also very important to understand why someone wants to follow the plan. How serious are their symptoms, what is the route of their symptoms or are they someone who has just been over indulging and feels like they need a kick start.  Diets which are purely juice based should not be followed for extended periods of time.  You may read some amazing reviews about these approaches. YES you probably will, the results are more likely to be down to what the person is not putting in their body, rather than what they are putting in their body. The person may go through some unpleasant symptoms but end up feeling great. This will be short lived if they return to their previous food choices, but rest assured the body physically can not effectively detoxify itself without protein. Juicing does have it place in a well balanced diet, but its place is not as the sole route to detoxification.

I’m also very saddened to read that I’ve seen these types of approaches coming from properly qualified practitioners. Purchase with caution.




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