Specialist Area – Female Sex Hormones

“It’s her hormones.”  Yes, it could well be, but one thing for sure, is if it is, it’s not her imagination or her unnecessarily moaning or deliberating choosing to behave differently. Hormones are present in both male and female bodies in nano amounts, yet when out of balance they wreak untold misery.

Specialist Area – Female Sex Hormones

The most common symptoms of hormonal imbalances are;

  • Mood swings
  • Infertility
  • PMS
  • Early miscarriage
  • Menopausal related symptoms.
  • Anxiety

It is very difficult to summarise the symptoms as each hormone is responsible for different functions and therefore different symptoms present when these are out of balance. However, oestrogen dominance is very common. This refers to the imbalance between oestrogen and progesterone, it is by no means the only possible cause of hormonal imbalances but is frequently seen in clinic and responds well to nutritional and Lifestyle planning. Clients with pronounced hormonal symptoms benefit from undertaking the renowned DUTCH test which measures the full panel of reproductive hormones and cortisol. This enables plans to be specifically tailored to your specific hormone levels. Like every case in nutrition, progress can be made without laboratory testing, although lab testing, using a dried urine sample is particularly relevant to hormonal imbalances, and if you can afford this option, it is strongly advised.

Emma Wennington Nutrition - Nutrition & Wellbeing for Professional Women
Emma Wennington Nutrition - Nutrition & Wellbeing for Professional Women

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